The Weekend Getaway: Nyahururu

Every year my Sister’s family and I embark on a weekend getaway for their wedding anniversary which is always amazing. This time round we chose Nyahururu, in Laikipia County. Nyahururu is Kenya’s highest major town at about 2400m, so the air is cool.

The day was chilly so the 3 hours’ drive turned into 5 hours’ drive due to the several stop overs.


We spent the night at Thompson falls lodge, just next to the Thomson water falls which almost felt like we spent the night in the water due to the cold. At the lodge they have a night club and a restaurant so one can choose to either break a leg or just have a quiet night dinning. Am a dancer so you can imagine what I chose.

The following day, we took a walk down to the falls which is steep, but easy enough though a bit tough if done in the rain due to the slippery rocks. We spent almost the entire day at the falls just taking in the beauty of our surroundings and enjoying the fresh weather.

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