Camping By the lake : Lake Elementaita

Camping is not a date, it’s an endurance test. if u can survive camping with someone, u should marry them on the way home. Well, i guess it’s the reason many people won’t go camping on a first date!


Lake Elementaita….

Lake Elementaita is one of the additional soda lake in the Great Rift Valley and one of the worlds famous recorded attraction in Kenya. The lake is in between Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru.

Elementaita inherited its name from the Masai with menteita meaning ‘dusty place’. There is a historic site called Kariandusi Museum just nearby where Louis Leaky discovered hand axes and cleavers in 1929.

Lake Elementaita is the only known breeding place for the lovely pelicans in the East and Central Africa region. It has scattered volcanic rocks. It has over 400 species of bird species including flamingos, pelican’s kingfishers, marabou storks and crested grebes.


The tents where we spent the night. The rains surprised us at night but luckily the tents were strong enough.


The flying birds made the Lake to be more beautiful…


The Sleeping Warrior and Ugali Hills on the shores of L. Elementaita


The beautiful scenery…




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