Hells Gate National Park

The ideal venue for my weekend relaxation far from the urban life this past weekend was Hells Gate National park.


The park has a variety of wildlife e.g bufalloes, gazelles, zebras, giraffe and ostrich, unusual flora and an incredible 103 species of birds. It is one of the only two parks in Kenya where climbing, driving, walking and biking are allowed while game viewing. I choose to drive while game viewing.





Some of the spectacular scenery in the park includes the towering cliffs, water – gouged gorges, stark of rock towers, scrub-clad volcanoes and the rising plumes of geothermal stream.


The 25m high Fischers tower that rise high in the sky and which is used in rock climbing..

Inside the gorge, one gets into a zig-zagging descent into one of the tightly winding canyons. The canyons are carved from rivers and thermal activity, which split the earth in two during periods of heavy rain. Scalding water pours from cracks in the limestone walls causing steam to rise up out of the canyons which gives Hell’s Gate its name.


Descending for a gorgeous walk in this old canyon…



The view + the weather was a perfect combination….



A quick shower at the hot springs…


……Ascending! my guide wondered why i took long.

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