Mt. Kenya Wildlife Conservancy and Animal Orphanage

The Mt Kenya Animal Orphanage in Nanyuki gives orphaned, injured, neglected, abused and frightened wild animals a second chance in life. The orphanage provides shelter and professional care with the goal to release the animals back into the wild which is their home.


The most fascinating part was seeing the love and care given to the animals by the staff. It is true dedication and love for wild life.

At the entrance of the orphanage, one walks past a very large vegetable patch where the food is grown for the animals.  Then another gate that lead into the animal sanctuary.  It’s an open area with different enclosures and there are some monkeys, bongo and some other small animals that roam freely. The colobus tried to climb on our shoulders which was a bit scary. One of the enclosures is a cheetah bleeding sanctuary.


The reason I chose Mt Kenya Conservancy is the beautiful bongo. I always saw pics but never had the chance to take my own picture.  Also the African lynx or caracal that is a member of the cat family. Another is the Llama’s that were first brought into Kenya by an American family for use in expeditions up Mt. Kenya. There are now 36 in total, and they comfortably survive here because the climate is similar to that in the Andes Mountains of South America.


The beautiful bongo.




African lynx or caracal

Some of the other animals they have include warthogs, dik diks, bushbuck, waterbucks, pygmy hippos, Hartebeest, ostriches, a 150 year old tortoise that has been at the orphanage for 40 years, cheetahs, and zebroid.

I can say the conservancy is worth a visit. So the next time you are in Nanyuki, don’t forget to pass by the orphanage.


From the side…


To the back….


To the front!




Old Tortoise!


Can’t believe i was scared of the ostrich 🙂


Hello there..


Feeding time. I loved every bit of it!


And i followed the rules.

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