Samburu National Reserve

What better way to spend my birthday than what I love most…. For the love of wildlife!!


October has always been my favorite month and spending it at Samburu National Reserve was the best idea ever!


The Reserve is located on the banks of the Ewaso Ng’iro River which loosely translates to “the river with brown waters”.


At the river..

The drive from Nairobi to Samburu is approximately 6-7 hours via the Embu-meru route but the shortest would be via Nyeri-Nanyuki which is appr. 4-5 hours.It was more of a road trip with stop overs along the way. The scenery was just amazing.


The safari at Samburu was much quieter than any of the other safari I have done as we barely saw any other vehicles. It is an advisable safari for a quiet getaway in the wild. Samburu is dry and stunningly beautiful, wild and at the same time serene. On top of that, the wildlife is fantastic; Samburu has one of the highest concentrations of elephants.  What makes Samburu unique is the Samburu Special Five: The include Grevy zebra, reticulated giraffe, Beisa oryx, Somali ostrich and gerenuk.


They perfectly blend with nature.


Grevy’s zebras. One of the three main types of zebras found in Africa.





East African oryx


A selfie with the elephant, which i forgot to include myself!


Samburu, am coming back soon!



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