Under the Stars: Lake Magadi.

The flamingoes are an obvious attraction in this dry, dusty saline lake basin but so are the hot springs. While visiting other lakes, the chances of seeing flamingos are very low.  You might be unlucky by visiting when they have just migrated to the next lake .Here in Lake Magadi you are guaranteed to see tens of thousands of Flamingo’s. At times mixed with Great White Pelicans and African Spoonbills and countless waders.

The road to Lake Magadi is not one to write home about. Actually it is not anywhere close to being called a road. As you approach Lake Magadi area, the heat is unbearable. You start sweating, so carrying a lot of drinking water is very safe. Other drinks like soda, energy drinks, beer cans or any other are not advisable to carry if you do not have a cooler since by the time you get to Magadi, they will be extremely hot

The trip is supposed to take app 3-4 hours, but it took us almost the whole day to get there. The many potholes along the way spoilt the definition of a fun road trip. It’s highly advisable (and I stress the word ‘highly advisable’) to use a 4 wheel drive for this trip, anything else please do not attempt!

On a positive note. I really enjoyed a dip in the hot springs and sleeping under the stars, as it was my first time to actually sleep out in the open. The heat could not allow us to sleep inside the tent, so we opted to sleep outside, but on a mattress off course J

A glimpse of the trip……. ENJOY!













A walk along the Lake


Sharing drinking water with the kids!


The breakfast!

What to carry:

  1. A camera.
  2. Sun glasses
  3. Sunscreen.
  4. A hat
  5. Money to buy locally made crafts and jewelry and any other expenses that may arise.
  6. A swimming costume, towels and sun screen – At the hot spring’s one can take a dip in the water
  7. Moisturizer / Lotion – The water leaves you with an ashy look and could leave your skin very dry after washing up.
  8. Clean Water.
  9. Comfortable shoes and clothes for ease of walking around.
  10. Sandals to wear in the shower.

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