Of Trips & Hikes

“There are moments when life takes you places that take your breath away, refresh your mind and challenge you physically” Quote by me. (Ahem).  I’m in to fitness and everything fitness.

When the urge occurs I take a break from the gym and do a road race or go exploring or go for a hike. The latter resurrected my love for nature.  Hiking kills the tell tale and love for nature. The end result is this orgasmic satisfaction for unexplored my dare the devil attitude that taunts and lead me to do act out dares and mental well being.  Forget the morning after pain. It’s just a frosting on the hiking cake.

Kilometers are shorter than miles. Save gas, take your next trip in kilometers.” –George Carlin . This is the statement that hits my mind when the opportunity to hit the road and go for a hike comes to my way and the same one that led me to the stunning and incredible beauty I encountered, the place, the people and nature at Kereita forest – just out of the ordinary.

Just a few kilometers from Nairobi, Kereita forest will offer you a myriad of fun filled experiences but most commonly there is the zip lining and the nature track up and down the hill through the overgrown mostly indigenous forest with challenging tracks (mostly animal tracks) down the water fall (which is my favorite part of the hike) and back through another track.

The track part is fun and I would imagine the zip lining part is dope but no 2 birds with one stone for me – physical fitness and satiate my curiosity

No one will talk about the morning after! Ever had a feeling that your hips have gone to wrack and ruin (haha) and separated but they are still intact? Have you ever been so sure that your brain is playing hide and seek with your feelings?  You ever felt the sweet bitter awesome fullness of a pain or ache that you cannot classify? I will not lie to you but this is exactly what will happen to you the morning after the trek.  The whole mental and physical experience reminds me of Henny Youngman’s statement, “I told the doctor I broke my leg in two places. He told me to quit going to those places”. J J

No I will not quit hiking. I’ll go. And go and continue going and hiking until I can hike no more. I will stop at the time I’ll run out of places to visit, to see, to explore, and no more people to meet which is not possible. I’ll challenge myself mind, body and spirit endlessly because this in life you live only once, n it’s too short to not spend it doing the things you love.

Article by Veroh Mwangi.

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