The Hanging Beds!

The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure ~ Christopher McCandless.

As I was doing research for my next adventure, I came across Camp Ndunda Falls which caught my eye.  The name ‘’Dunda’’ in Slang means dancing or simply having fun. So in my happy mind, I thought it’s probably dancing falls 🙂 which increased my desire to enquire more.  I contacted George, Who manages the camp and was so helpful. It turned out “Ndunda’’ in Embu region means fruits and that’s how the falls got their name since it’s a land of fruits.

About 10km North West of Embu town, off the Embu-Kibugu road lies Camp Ndunda Falls. The Camp Ndunda falls is located on the banks of Rupingazi River at the foothills of Mount Kenya in Njukiri Forest. The camp is a perfect blend of both exotic and indigenous aura and overlooking the raging waters falls on River Rupingazi.

We had left Nairobi early enough and arrived on time which gave us enough time to explore the Njukiri Forest. A few meters walk from the campsite is the Rupingazi River which is stunningly beautiful. River Rupingazi is one of the six major rivers in Kirinyaga and Embu County. They all drain into the Tana River and are the principle source of water. The water from these rivers has been harnessed through canals to support irrigation at the lower zones of the county.

Rupingazi River

The hike around the forest took about 7 hours. The forest is not as steep as our previous hikes which made the hike not as tiresome. The aroma of the forest was great.

A glimpse of the trip……. ENJOY!

For a clear view of the Ndunda waterfalls, the canopy walk comes in handy.

zip lining across the Rupingazi River


zip lining across the Rupingazi River

Initially we were supposed to camp and sleep in tents but due to the heavy rains, we couldn’t sleep in the tents. The camp Ndunda had an alternative which served as our back-up sleeping plan and I must say it was a perfect back-up plan. We slept in hanging beds, which kept rocking incase someone turned or made any movement :-). If you have ever admired how babies fall asleep in rocking baby cribs, then this would be a perfect chance to feel how the babies feel 🙂

The rocking hanging beds!

I loved the adventure, serene, lush and beautiful environment at Camp ndunda Falls.  I can say it was a weekend well spent!

14 thoughts on “The Hanging Beds!

  1. Perfect scenery. I have always wondered how it feels to swim in a river. Is it allowed here? Next trip here lemmie know i come with swimming costumes or is it jeans?

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  2. This is one of the most beautiful places in Embu from the friendly staff, to the nature trais and the zipling tool,.would definitely reccomend someone looking for a great weekend off to drop by there.Thanks Anna


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