Fly Fishing!

When we think of a weekend getaway, what comes to mind is Naivasha…..Well we need to change that mindset.  At least mine was changed last weekend.

As I was going through my usual research for the next destination, I came across Aberdare Cottages and Fishing Lodge in Murang’a County. Whenever I think of Murang’a, Tea comes to mind. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that such a beautiful and tranquil lodge would exist in the heart of Murang’a.


Photo Credit : Travel with Eliud


Aberdare Cottages and Fishing Lodge also known as Aberdare Cottages Dream is 125km from Nairobi which is around 2.5 hours’ drive. For more specific directions, find your way to Kangema Town. 4 kilometres past Kangema Town is a sign post on the left-hand side of the road directing you to Aberdare Cottages. The lodge is easily accessible with an option of public means.


Photo Credit : Travel with Eliud


The lodge is located on a hilly slope facing Mathioya River valley on one side and another hill on the other. If you are looking for a peaceful, beautiful and tranquility location, then Aberdare Cottages is the place to be.


Photo Credit : Travel with Eliud



The lodge has a selection of cottages. Some cottages are tented, while others are built of timber. The area gets really cold at night and therefore it’s advisable to carry warm clothes especially for the nights. The lodge provides hot water bottles to keep the beds warm at night. My visit was well good timing as it was a rainy night, my kind of night.  The rain on the roofs and the river winding its way down the valley was the sweetest lullaby which made my sleep easier and sweeter despite the cold.


Photo Credit : Travel with Eliud



Photo Credit : Travel with Eliud


Photo Credit : Travel with Eliud


Photo Credit : Travel with Eliud

Aberdare Cottages Dream also has a restaurant, a bar, a conference hall which can hold upto 50 people, an outdoor sitting area which can also be used for team building activities and balconies in every room with a beautiful view.


Photo Credit : Travel with Eliud

Behind the lodge is a short nature trail that leads to a mini waterfall. There is a very quiet and private sitting area next to the waterfall very conducive for relaxing or a perfect setting for breakfast.


To make the stay more interesting, there are some activities one can engage in. After breakfast, which was amazingly delicious, we headed out for hiking. The hike takes about 2-5 hours depending with the pace and energy. It’s a hike along the river which has a stunning view. The highlight of the trip was trout fly fishing. I had never tried fishing in my life so the experience was new and thrilling.  John, our tour guide, made the tour amazing and interesting. He took his time to explain the history of the area, taught us all about tea, made sure we learnt about the different herbs and what each herb cures; and due to his guidance, I can say am now a fisher-woman 🙂 I highly recommend John as he was very knowledgeable and informative. For the bike lovers, there are also biking activities.




For anyone looking for pure air, heavenly ambiance which is untouched by human invasion, a place that is home away from home ……..I would highly recommend Aberdare Cottages Dream!



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