The Blue Pools

This is one weekend I had been looking forward to. There’s nothing quite like sitting around a cozy campfire with good company and spending a night in the tent. It was going to be my second time camping at the Ngare Ndare Forest and the excitement was twice as much as the first time. I always have a thing for waterfalls and I knew the Ngare Ndare forest was not going to disappoint. Continue reading

Under the Stars: Lake Magadi.

The flamingoes are an obvious attraction in this dry, dusty saline lake basin but so are the hot springs. While visiting other lakes, the chances of seeing flamingos are very low.  You might be unlucky by visiting when they have just migrated to the next lake .Here in Lake Magadi you are guaranteed to see tens of thousands of Flamingo’s. At times mixed with Great White Pelicans and African Spoonbills and countless waders.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New year Everyone. I wanted to take a minute to wish you all  a happy,healthy and blessed new year . happy-new-year

2015 was a good year but 2016 will bring more adventure and I hope you all stick around for the ride!

Thank you all for your support. 2015 was an amazing year and I hope to continue flourishing in 2016.

As always, sit back, relax and let’s do some travelling.

Happy New Year!